The Magic Bowl

Magic Bowl dvdThe Magic Bowl dvd is one of those potty training dvds that really works. The Magic Bowl was designed by Dr. Kushnir after years of experience in the areas of potty training, bed wetting, and sphincter control. That’s right, a potty training dvd created by a real expert and real doctor. This is sure to entertain and teach your child to use the toilet, not just the potty.

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The Magic Bowl takes a trully unique approach to potty training. By focusing on a common barrier to potty training, fear of the toilet, The Magic Bowl is portrayed as a loving, friendly figure throughout this dvd and helps to make the toilet less intimidating for children and more of a friend.

If you think that sounds weird, think about your own child’s fear of loud sounds or the unknown. This is what happens with potty training and The Magic Bowl is one of the few potty training dvds to take the fear factor head on. Meet Jennifer, Cindy and Sammy-Joe as they learn to play in the sand, with balls and then get older and realize that wearing diapers is for babies.

The animation is clean and simple with lots of music and seems more like a show for Saturday morning then a potty training dvd. Overall we’ve found the unique approach to potty training to be a great tool and if your child wants to be a “big kid” then this dvd should hit a homerun.