Potty Power DVD

Potty Power for Boys & Girls

Potty Power DVDPotty Power is a fun potty training video which is actually a program designed to introduce your child to potty training and then keep toddler interested in the process until he or she is trained. Potty Power is fun, entertaining and upbeat. That’s why it works. Plenty of toddlers and a 3-D animated friend guide your child through the potty trainng process and teach kids what it takes to be potty trained. Toddlers become responsible for using the potty themselves because they have Potty Power!

Say good-bye to diapers! The Potty Power DVD will motivate your toddler to use the potty! The program is cleverly produced to initiate and then sustain your child’s interest in potty training. The program focuses on what your child needs to know to develop the responsibility to use the potty him or herself!

Potty Training works when it’s fun! Potty Power works because it is fun, upbeat and entertaining. Six year-old Chloe and her 3-D animated friend T.P. along with a gaggle of toddlers guide viewers along the process of what it takes to become potty trained and have Potty Power.

Repeated viewings will keep the idea of potty training fresh in your child’s mind. Songs such as “No More Diapers for Me”, “Proud to Wear My Underwear” and the “Potty Power” theme song encourage kids to become potty trained. While songs like, “The Toilet Paper Roll” and “Gotta Wash Your Hands”, model correct and appropriate skills for proper toilet hygiene. The humorous story of “The Princess and the Potty” will make kids want to watch the program over and over again.