I Can Go Potty

I Can Go Potty DVDI Can Go Potty is a fun-filled, live-action program is hosted by Jillian, a six year old, who tells the humorous tale of how her younger brother Andrew learned to go potty. Jillian’s story, which is filled with a child’s amusing insights entertains, educates and prepares the toddler on what they need to know about going potty. It also provides step by step instructions for parents on the process of potty training.

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The program features original music videos including: “A Big Kid Is What I Want To Be” and an interactive song that helps kids know “When It’s Time To Go”.

Produced with assistance from Barbara Ziogas, M.D., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Connecticut Health Center and The Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, this award-winning program features a segment for parents that will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about potty training.

I Can Go Potty is a video designed to walk parents and children through the potty training process. In I Can Go Potty an older sister narrates the story of her younger brother as he is introduced to the potty and eventually learns to use it. This video also teaches little boys to raise and lower the toilet seat which is a nice and important piece of the potty training process.

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