Potty Training DVDs

Potty Training dvds are helpful with potty training because they help get children excited about using the potty. For some children the idea of being a “Big Kid” is exciting. Others don’t care. These dvds help motivate, teach, entertain and educate children about using the potty.

Potty Power for Boys & Girls

Potty Power DVDPotty Power is just what the doctor ordered. This potty training video is actually a program designed to introduce your child to potty training and then keep toddler interested in the process until he or she is trained. Potty Power is fun, entertaining and upbeat. That’s why it works. Plenty of toddlers and a 3-D animated friend guide your child through the potty trainng process and teach kids what it takes to be potty trained. Toddlers become responsible for using the potty themselves! Learn more

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I Can Go Potty

I Can Go Potty DVDI Can Go Potty is a video designed to walk parents and children through the potty training process. In I Can Go Potty, an older sister narrates the story of her younger brother as he is introduced to the potty and eventually learns to use it. This video also teaches little boys to raise and lower the toilet seat which is a nice and important piece of the potty training process. Great for girls and boys this is the ultimate dvd for any child with an older sibling. Learn more
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Go Potty Go!

Go Potty Go DVDGo Potty Go is loved by parents and educators and was recently named one of Parenting Magazine’s DVDs of the Year. The panel included parents, judges and readers. Quite an accomplishment for a potty training dvd that follows in the footsteps of Potty Power and No More Diapers. Learn more
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The Magic Bowl

The Magic Bowl DVDThe Magic Bowl is a rather unique approach to potty training. Focused on moving your child from fear of the potty to trust and love for the potty, the unique take on addressing fear and creating a relationship with the potty actually works. Based on many years of bed-wetting and potty training study and experience by Dr. Baruch Kushnir. Learn more
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